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today I want to talk to you about an exercise to do to burn 200 calories in 4 minutes.
aerobic exercises are very good because they accelerate the heart rhythm making us sweat and then doing so we increase the calories burned and we do it in a short time.

we bring the example of this card that I propose to get back in shape after the famous feast of August
Here are the exercises: 10 exercises for 18 seconds that can be performed anywhere and do not require any equipment.
1 Jumping Jacks: hopping legs and arms apart
2 Mountain Climbers: starting from the push up position, bring the legs forward alternating the service
3 Burpees: you start in the footsteps and then descend into the squat position, touch the ground with your hands up and make a jump with arms up.
4 Climbing up the stairs will also be a very good exercise to get stiff iglutii
5 Walking Lunges: this exercise is difficult to perform in an exact manner, in a standing position one moves forward one leg and folds the other up until it touches the knee on the ground.
6 High knees: run to high knees.
run over trying to raise the knees as much as possible
7 Frogger: in the position used for push-ups, bring both legs close to the arms in a squat position with a jump, and repeat the contrary
8 Lateral hops: make left and right hops as if you were to jump a central obstacle
9 Jump squats: this is a very strong exercise. it starts from the positionesquat and then back up and get on your feet to make a leap with strength stretching out your hands. return to squat position very softly
10 Box step: climb a high step or a high step with a hop and then repeat with both legs

Tons of 10 exercises done in succession for a total of 4 minutes (then doing a single repetition at 40 seconds) burns a total of 200 calories!
Try it and let me know how you found it.




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